In order to achieve the objectives of the Association, scientific meetings were held every two years and emphasized on themes of regional interest. The First Biennial General Scientific Meeting was held in Hong Kong in September 1977. In 1989 the name of the meeting was changed to Biennial Congress. The scientific and educational value of these successful meetings boosted the reputation and support for the Association among surgeons in the region as well as the rest of Asia. At the 14th Biennial Congress in Malaysia, it was resolved to change the name of the meeting to Asian Congress of Surgery in order to truly reflect the importance of the meeting.

To date, Visiting Professors have been appointed to visit and to give eponymous lectures, such as the Law-Lui Lecture, G.B. Ong Lecture and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) Foundation Lecture at the Association's Biennial Congress.